Building Online

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Strategy - How to Start Reaching out Online... 

Go through this document with the person who enrolled you to help plan your team building strategy...

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Strategy Session Checklist 


Ways to Reach Out - Social Media

How to Set Up a Facebook Page

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Advertising on Facebook

Within our successful team there are several ways to advertise online.

At all times speak with your sponsor(s) to find the best one that they suggest, There will be someone upline from you willing to give you one to one guidance in setting up your advertising.

How to Deal With Your Facebook Leads (Important document if you are advertising)
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Online Networking System

Find out how to reach out to find more people online (download the system below)

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Here is a Training from a  Recent Team Call featuring Sue Boswell...


N.B. There is some sound interference initially on this recording - this improves when we switch devices.